Our Ability

Ability to attract and retain industries reliable, consistent-performers, result-oriented, committed Consultants ranging Top Professional Practitioners, Architects, Senior Architects, Solution Consultants and BI Consultants from Build to Deliverables to Implementation.

Our Belief

We believe in “fellowship” approach in a business engagement and that the intent of Compo as Service provider is the same as that of Customer (which is to ensure exemplary and accomplished Services required of the Project). Hence, our flexibility & costing model is a definite advantage when challenged with limited budgets and time without compromising compliance, services & delivery.


With “risk awareness” and “strategic scaling of business activities” we have ensured the financial & human resources machinery is in place to modestly identify & undertake “fit- to-size” new projects & services consistent with our capabilities & competencies on the technical fore.

Adaptability and Accountability

Using best business practices & principles which we have defined as our operating standard for delivering optimal & effective results bearing in mind the vicissitudes of the business environment that arise due to economic factors which impact the country and the industry.

Geographical Coverage

Our Operations are based out of Malaysia,Singapore .Project locations of our Consultants at times cover other overseas countries and sites.